Saturday, September 29, 2007

My dear Prayer Warriors,
Sorry it has been so long without an update. I had a great time in the US and could feel you all lifting me up even without the updates.

Joey is doing great and I had a nice weekend with him. My mother and I drove up to Minnesota to spend the weekend with Joey. Joey and I sang together at his church and that was fun.

My parents are doing good for their ages. Mom has lost a lot of her eye sight and that is frustrating for her. My dad has emphysema and doesn't breath very well but they are both in their mid 80s.

I got to spend 2 days at CornerStone and that was very relaxing. I could have just sat in the prayer room the entire time. They, as always made me feel very welcome and I had the privilege of having them pray for me first hand.

My trip back was uneventful and all my luggage arrived with no problems. Desi and Fred met me at the Airport and brought me to their home in Quito for the night before leaving the next morning for Shell.

Back at home our family continues to grow. Adrian and Juan arrived on Sunday the 23rd of September twins born to a 17 year old mother. The father is married to another women and will not help with the boys. They are 7 months old and adjusting well.

A little later on the same day came Nampichkai Karina (we are calling her Karina) she is from the same village that Marlin was from. She is one year old and has some developmental delays. She had pneumonia when she arrived and was taken strait away to the hospital for her first 3 days at Casa de Fe, we brought her home on Friday and she is doing great.

Friday arrived the brothers Ivan 4 and Alejandro 2. More about them in another update. As you can see they are really cute (yes I think they are all cute).

I think that puts us at 34.

I will be back on schedule tomorrow. We will go to the Market at 7am and then I will take as many of the kids as I can pile in my car to church and then out to dinner.
God bless you all and thanks for your continued prayers.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pedro singing about the chickens

This is Pedro. As you can see he is happy and loves to sing. He is doing great.