Friday, August 31, 2007

This is Pedro, I want you to see his face. I don’t usually go to a home to pick up kids. I don’t want people thinking I am coming to take their children, I would much rather have the children brought to me and given rather than taken. I made an exception in Pedro’s case. His mother was recently widowed and can not walk for any distance.

Pedro’s Uncle on his father’s side has been trying to help the family but lives 4 hours away. When he came to check on them this week Pedro had been alone for 4 days. The mother had gone out to see a doctor and was having trouble getting back.

The Uncle told me that Pedro was a normal boy, walking and playing until at age 2 he got a sever fever (I am guessing meningitis) now he has paralysis on the left side and his right side is very week. I took him to see the orthopedic surgeon at the hospital this afternoon and he said that it is probable that he will never walk. Something technical about learning balance before ages 6 to 8 years old. This is one of those things I leave in God’s very large hands.

Above is the view we had of the house as we approached.
Ines and I drove down to the river and then walked across the bridge. We then walked another 20 minutes on a trail of boards and assorted sticks, over small streams and through very muddy bogs to get to where Pedro lived.

The photo below is Pedro’s house.

This is where they sleep.

This is where they do their laundry and wash the dishes.

Please remember the face in the first photo, the next one I send will have a smile on it.

Now say a prayer of thanks to God for everything you have. Have you ever thanked God for walls in your house? Have you ever said thank you for your kitchen sink or your mattress?

Now please say a prayer for Pedro that he will adjust well to living at Casa de Fe and please also pray for his mother Lucrecia that she will adjust to not having her son there, that God will give her peace that he is being well taken care of and loved.

God bless you all.

In His grasp

Patti Sue

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dolly is doing so great. The feeding tube has really made a difference, she has gained 4 lbs already and is much happier.

Poor David. He got the worse case of Chicken pox of all the kids. He is getting better but looks terrible.

Rebeca continues to improve. We were not able to get her pallet surgery done but hope to soon have it done in Quito. She had a cough and they didn't want to put her under.

Thanks for you continued support and prayers.

In His grasp

Patti Sue

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We had a great, but short visit from Cintia's adoptive grandfather. Paul was in the jungle working on the hydro-electric plant in Macuma and stopped by for a visit. As you can see Paul has a long standing relationship with Cintia dating back to where there was just Cintia and Edison. Cintia really takes to Paul and for those of you who know Cintia this is no small thing.

Thank you Paul and Linda for your love, prayers and support of the children of Casa de Fe.

Dear Prayer Warriors,
This has been a very trying week and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Your prayers are so very important.

Ines's husband was buried yesterday. That doesn't make it any less painful but at least they can start the healing process. Please continue to pray for this family.

Last week we did all the prep work to have 3 surgeries done by a team of US doctors who were suppose to be here in Puyo. Well at the last minute we were informed that the team was in Tena and were over loaded and wouldn't make it to Puyo. Well yesterday in the middle of everything else I got a call that the pediatric plastic surgeon was coming to Puyo and that the 3 children would be able to have their surgeries. The surgeries will be on Friday and Saturday. Please pray for:

Rebeca, who will have clef pallet surgery.

Esteban also clef pallet surgery.
Galo who will have some corrective surgery on his hands.
I have included photos of each to help you better pray.

Things are a little crazy with 30, yes 30 children.
Thank you so much for keeping us lifted up.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is Mercy in her new borrowed wheelchair. We borrowed it from the hospital and she really loves being outside with the rest of the kids. We will work on getting her one of her own.

Doesn't she look great.

Dear Prayer Warriors,
We seem to be being attacked by childhood diseases. 4 of the children in the baby house now have chicken pox, this is the 3rd round, very mild but never the less something to deal with. 3 of the bigger kids seem to have gotten mumps. This is as of yet unconfirmed and will probably stay that way as I am not going to pay for a blood test to confirm or unconfirmed the diagnosis of something that you treat with chicken soup and love. I don’t expect that any of the younger kids will get it as they have all at least had there first vaccines which included MMR.

Last Thursday we received an 8 year old boy who had run away from his 18 year old sister who has been caring for him since their parents died. I think there should be a law against children riding the buses alone. He came all the way from the coast on a bus alone. He is quite a hand full very hyper. Saturday he started having seizures, when I talked to him he said he takes a pill every morning. Yesterday the police got a hold of the family to confirm what he was taking so we could get him back on his medicine. I don’t know how long he will be with us but please pray for José Antonio.

Cruscaya is starting to calm down a little in her new environment. She still has a problem with impulse control and seems to not have a space barrier. She continues to have seizures and we are still working on controlling them.

Nicole’s procedure went well yesterday and she is doing fine today. She will go tomorrow to have the drain removed.

The team of US doctors are suppose to be here on Wednesday, please pray that we can get Esteban and Rebeca in to have their pallets corrected and that they may have someone to look at Galo’s hands.

Ines is on vacation until the 21st so I am having to do everything. Please pray that Ines has a renewing time.

God bless you all.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dear Prayer Warriors,
I am sorry I haven’t sent out an update in a while. Things have been a bit busy but seem to be calming down a little.

The Chicken Pox seems to have run its course and every one is doing well.

Dolly is doing great and almost back up to her normal amounts of feeding with much less stress on her and us.

The land dedication went very well and I believe gave glory to God.

I am not sure who was the last child received that I told you about so if I am telling you about one you already know about please forgive me and just know they all need prayer.

Cruscaya and Galo are brother and sister. Cruscaya age around 5 years has some form of epilepsy which causes her to fall to the ground unconscious at times accompanied by convulsions. She also has a lack of impulse control. Her brother Galo age around 4 years, has malformation to his hands and feet. We will look into having surgery on his hand but it doesn’t seem to slow him down any. They are both beautiful children.

This precious child Fany 4 year old, arrived just 2 days ago. At first I thought she was extremely special needs. She does have Cerable Palsy she is reacting very well to therapy; see blog at dated Tuesday, August 7 to see her in action. Her parents have done their best to care for her but have another child due any day felt it better for everyone for Mercy to be cared for her at Casa de Fe. In September Mercy will be enrolled at a school for special needs children in Puyo along with Tatiana and Cruscaya.

Last night the police brought Antiono. I don’t think he will be with us for too long. He is around 7 years old and it sounds like he ran away from home because his sister hit him. He told the police where he was from so I am sure they will come to get him soon.

Work on the land is progressing but the big stuff needs big money to progress. Please join Duane and Brett (from CornerStone who were here for a week) in praying that $90,000 comes in soon, so we can get out of overcrowded rented facilities and onto the property soon.

I don’t know if I ever told you that I have a blog that I update with many photos and video clips. You can get to it by going to my web site at and then clicking on recent updates.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and have a great day.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Emily doing Therapy with Mercy

This is a working visitor, Emily doing therapy with a new little girl who arrived yesterday her name is Mercy.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here is a short clip of the kids singing at the dedication. They were great. I will post more photos later. I am very happy with the dedication ceremony and I think that God is pleased also.
God bless you all.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is the kids learning a song to sing to the guests at the dedication cermony on Saturday. I thought it was really cute.