Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dear Prayer Warriors,
This has been a very trying week and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Your prayers are so very important.

Ines's husband was buried yesterday. That doesn't make it any less painful but at least they can start the healing process. Please continue to pray for this family.

Last week we did all the prep work to have 3 surgeries done by a team of US doctors who were suppose to be here in Puyo. Well at the last minute we were informed that the team was in Tena and were over loaded and wouldn't make it to Puyo. Well yesterday in the middle of everything else I got a call that the pediatric plastic surgeon was coming to Puyo and that the 3 children would be able to have their surgeries. The surgeries will be on Friday and Saturday. Please pray for:

Rebeca, who will have clef pallet surgery.

Esteban also clef pallet surgery.
Galo who will have some corrective surgery on his hands.
I have included photos of each to help you better pray.

Things are a little crazy with 30, yes 30 children.
Thank you so much for keeping us lifted up.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

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