Friday, August 31, 2007

This is Pedro, I want you to see his face. I don’t usually go to a home to pick up kids. I don’t want people thinking I am coming to take their children, I would much rather have the children brought to me and given rather than taken. I made an exception in Pedro’s case. His mother was recently widowed and can not walk for any distance.

Pedro’s Uncle on his father’s side has been trying to help the family but lives 4 hours away. When he came to check on them this week Pedro had been alone for 4 days. The mother had gone out to see a doctor and was having trouble getting back.

The Uncle told me that Pedro was a normal boy, walking and playing until at age 2 he got a sever fever (I am guessing meningitis) now he has paralysis on the left side and his right side is very week. I took him to see the orthopedic surgeon at the hospital this afternoon and he said that it is probable that he will never walk. Something technical about learning balance before ages 6 to 8 years old. This is one of those things I leave in God’s very large hands.

Above is the view we had of the house as we approached.
Ines and I drove down to the river and then walked across the bridge. We then walked another 20 minutes on a trail of boards and assorted sticks, over small streams and through very muddy bogs to get to where Pedro lived.

The photo below is Pedro’s house.

This is where they sleep.

This is where they do their laundry and wash the dishes.

Please remember the face in the first photo, the next one I send will have a smile on it.

Now say a prayer of thanks to God for everything you have. Have you ever thanked God for walls in your house? Have you ever said thank you for your kitchen sink or your mattress?

Now please say a prayer for Pedro that he will adjust well to living at Casa de Fe and please also pray for his mother Lucrecia that she will adjust to not having her son there, that God will give her peace that he is being well taken care of and loved.

God bless you all.

In His grasp

Patti Sue

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