Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Prayer Warriors,
It is a beautiful morning, I didn’t get to go for a walk this morning as it was raining at 6 am but looks like now it will be a nice day.

Yesterday was very busy. I thought we were going to get away with only one case of Chicken Pox but it now looks like Nathaniel, and Nicole have them and Dubieska and Moíses are running fevers. Chicken Pox is not really a big deal and doesn’t last very long, best for them to have it now while they are young.

We have been taking all the kids to the eye doctor. 8 last week and 10 yesterday, we will try to finish them up today. Also taking them to the dentist this week, it is a lot of work but just one of those things that have to be done.

Working on plans for the land dedication on August 4th, I have a meeting with the board this evening to firm up the plans. Duane Jones from CornerStone is coming in on the 31st and will be here through the 6th. He is the director of CornerStone and I am looking forward to getting to talk and pray with him.

A church has sent $10,000 directly to Fundacion Casa de Fe so the land will be paid for around the 1st of August. God is so good.

Craig and a great group of workers pored concrete for the bridge we needed to access the property on Monday. Dr. Wes King from Baños loaned us his concrete mixer and Luke and Paul Slaughter were there to help. I really love seeing the Body of Christ coming together to do His work.

We are caring for 25 kids right now and we are very full. The 3 brothers went home with their mother last week. She said her village thought she sold the kids and she wanted to show them that they were alright and she would bring them back on Wednesday (today) if she brings them back that will be 28. We really need to get started on the Multi-use Building, sewer system and water tower.

We have a group of 26 coming from Youth World on the 31st. That is a really big group so pray we can keep them busy and that they will grow closer to God during there time here.

God bless you all for your prayers.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

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