Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dear Prayer Warriors,
Marlin is back in the hospital with an as of yet undetermined infection. Please pray they can get her on the right antibiotic and she will be home soon.
Delfin (Robinson) has a cold but was sent home with some cold medicine.
Amanda has a sore under her tongue and is on antibiotics and Tylenol.

And then during all of this a beautiful 6 year old girl arrived. Her name is Dubiaska. Her Grandmother filed molestation charges against her Uncle who was taking care of her at the time. The police are investigating and in the mean time she will stay with us. She has a beautiful smile and sweet spirit. She looks small for her age but seems healthy. (Photo attached)

Craig is busy working and planning on the property. Please pray we will be able to get the materials needed to put in the bridge. Also pray that we can get the plans done for the multi-use building.

We are working on the adoptability paperwork for Rosa and Jefferson. Please pray that the investigations go well and quickly.

Cristian is very close to being adoptable.

God bless you all for your dedication to pray for the work here at Casa de Fe.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

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