Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have attached a blog that was done buy Celeste Welch. Her thoughts some how put things into perspective. Many have asked me why don’t you just close the doors and not accept any more children. The answer is in the faces of these precious gifts from God. I must have faith that God will provide everything, not just food and clothing but also if needed He will provide space, space for one more.

Yesterday a little girl was dropped off by police. She is about 2 and has round cheeks - well fed, no apparent problems. She was found very dirty and alone on the street in Puyo. Patti Sue thinks she is Quechua. It is possible she is lost and her parents will come looking for her. A while back there was a girl brought in - she was found on a bus in Shell and was later reunited with her mom in Cuenca (which is very far away) who had been looking for her. I remember being amazed that the police here cared enough to make this happen.

Last night, we went out for Pinchos with the Slaughter family, a short term girl from Alaska, and Patti Sue. It was great food and we had a nice time. When we got home the phone rang and Patti Sue asked if I wanted to go along with her to the hospital. I went down stairs and again had a tiny girl put on my lap. This time she was two though! When Patti Sue got back from Pinchos, the workers told her "a new girl came" - Patti Sue said "I know" (thinking of the pudgy little girl that came earlier in the day) - then realized it was indeed yet another little girl. We named her Rebecca. She has a severe cleft pallet, but had surgery a while back to correct her lips. She was extremely malnourished . Her legs and bottom looked like those of an infant. But she is very alert and loves to be held. While at the hospital, the nurse told me to follow her to have Rebecca weighed - we followed the trail of blood on the ground into an emergency room with a young man who had apparently almost cut his foot off with a machete (the scale was a couple of feet from him and inches from the blood filled bowl). Rebecca weighed about 10-11lbs. We took her back to Casa de Fe and she was placed in a warm bed, wrapped in a cozy blanket. We are praying we can find someone to correct her cleft pallet. Also, if anyone is able to get special nipples for bottle feeding children with cleft pallets - that would be something that would be nice to have down here.

Patti Sue reminded me that I had asked before we came down why she doesn't send some of the children somewhere else - since Casa de Fe is so full - my heart was saying that the children I had seen and grown to love there needed the space and more individualized attention - but after being down here, holding these precious new children I suddenly understand that there really is no decision to be made. A child is brought in and a request is given to take in the child - and you see this child - this beautiful child who was created by God, who is loved dearly - and there is just no question - not only do you say yes, but you see it as a privilege to be able to hold, feed, and love this child whom the world has cast off or given up on.

Little Sara's mom came by again yesterday to nurse Sara - please be praying for this beautiful little girl, be praying for her mom to recover well and for her milk supply to stay plentiful so she can be reunited with her little girl and her family.

They will be mixing and putting the concrete on the bridge Monday. Praying for good weather!

God bless all of you for your prayers and please don’t hesitate to share these prayer requests with your prayer partners.
In His grasp
Patti Sue

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